Which Botox Certification is Best for Medical Professionals?

At the end of the observance, you will be given a certificate stating that you have successfully completed it. AE Medical promotes the training of certified doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals. This international certification requires completion of college-level pre-course work representing 230 UK CMEs, three days of intensive hands-on training, completion of a logbook and short-answer questions that will be independently evaluated by OTHM, who will then award you the certification. Online education may be appropriate for you to gain a solid understanding of didactics, but when it comes to aesthetic medical procedures and Botox training courses, hands-on in-person training at a medical facility, delivered by a faculty of experienced, board-certified dermatologists licensed doctors, will always be the gold standard.

No other Botox certification seminar for nurses offers more in such a short amount of time and so close to home. We offer a wide range of intensive training courses in medical aesthetics, including an international certification in injectable therapies. Its programs range from a one-day Botox training camp to a one-year training fellowship for physicians (which concludes with a multi-treatment board exam). The cosmetic application of botulinum toxin is in high demand among the population and many people refer to this drug as Botox, an FDA-approved Allergan brand.

You can even choose to bring a colleague or friend with you and practice with this living patient using real Botox or a saline solution. Cosmetic injection programs include demonstrations on Botox, dermal fillers, advanced injection areas, PDO threads, PRP training, Kybella, and sclerotherapy. If you decide that hands-on training is the right path for you, licensed medical providers benefit best by attending in-person hands-on Botox training courses offered in a medical facility, not in a hotel room, or via a webcam in someone's own living room. When it comes to aesthetic medical procedures and Botox certifications, there is no substitute for hands-on experience.

In order to become certified in Botox, medical professionals must complete college-level pre-course work representing 230 UK CMEs and three days of intensive hands-on training. After completing these requirements and passing an independent evaluation from OTHM, professionals will be awarded their certification. No other Botox certification seminar offers more than AE Medical's program. It includes one day of training camp as well as one year fellowships for physicians that conclude with a multi-treatment board exam.

During the course of the program, medical professionals will learn about the cosmetic application of botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, advanced injection areas, PDO threads, PRP training, Kybella and sclerotherapy. In order to get the most out of their Botox certification experience, medical professionals should attend an in-person hands-on course at a medical facility rather than an online course or one held in someone's living room. This way they can practice with real patients using real Botox or saline solutions and gain valuable experience that cannot be replicated online.

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