What Happens to Muscles After Years of Botox Use?

Using Botox for an extended period of time can have a lasting effect on your muscles. As the neurotoxin interrupts brain signals and directs certain muscles to contract, it can cause them to train themselves not to make expressions that form wrinkles so aggressively. But what else happens to your muscles after years of Botox use? We spoke to the experts to find out the truth about muscle atrophy caused by Botox.Dr. Weinstein explains that once you become accustomed to the feeling of having less movement in your forehead after the toxin, you'll be more aware of doing the movement when it wears off.

Patients should be aware that there is no clinically significant problem since any muscle atrophy is temporary and is often even a desired effect. For those who want to maintain a balanced appearance, Botox can be injected into the orbicularis muscle or the muscle along the lip line as an alternative to lip fillers.Nerve endings stick together and muscles become paralyzed or weakened so they don't age over time or change shape. Dr. Michael Schwartz, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Westlake Village, CA, explains that muscle softening (which can occur in any area of the face) occurs when muscles are injected with Botox and weaken, in turn diminishing over time.

In some cases, this can cause facial pain and muscle weakness, which can sometimes cause the eyelids to droop and cause vision to bend. The surrounding muscles may need to overcompensate for the loss of functionality.BoNT-A injections work by blocking nerve and muscle communication signals, and without that interaction, the muscle does not contract. As a result, the treated areas weaken and the muscles may not fill the space they consume, leading to a lack of volume. To reduce muscle hyperactivity, one of the easiest solutions is with a few injections of a neuromodulator.

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