What Does Botox Feel Like When It Starts to Work?

When you start to feel the effects of Botox, you may experience a slight tightness in your skin. This is usually followed by a residual stinging sensation from the injection, as well as small bumps at the injection site, similar to mosquito bites. These bumps will fade quickly, and you can expect to see results after the first treatment. It may take two to four days before muscle weakening begins and movement stops.

You may also feel a sense of tightness, a difference in your range of expression, and slight changes in the way your face responds when you raise your eyebrows. Botox works by injecting into muscles, at the desired location, and essentially blocks nerve impulses located in those tissues. This anti-wrinkle solution doesn't deliver instant results, but once it starts working, you will feel a feeling of tightness at the injection site. By day 15, when the effects of Botox usually peak, the target muscles will be paralyzed, leaving no trace of expression lines or crow's feet.

It's important to work with a reputable professional when getting Botox injections, as there are hundreds of clinics and beauty salons across the UK now offering this service. You may feel pinching that can vary in intensity during the injection session, but this slight discomfort can be easily eliminated with a small dose of local anesthetic applied before the procedure. If you feel like you want to continue Botox treatments, this is a good time to get your next series of injections, to train your brain not to use your muscles. And while it may make you feel strange and cause you to worry that your expressions may seem unnatural and frozen, that's almost never the case.

There are also other neurotoxins that do the same job as Botox, such as Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau.

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