Can You Be Immune to Botox?

Can someone be resistant to Botox? The answer is yes, but it's highly unlikely. Botox and Dysport are made up of proteins, and our bodies can detect foreign proteins and create antibodies against them. This means that in rare cases, the body can develop antibodies to a specific product, resulting in a weakened response or even complete immunity. The exact cause of this phenomenon is unknown, but it's estimated that only 1-3% of patients receiving the injection will develop toxin-blocking antibodies.

Fortunately, immunogenicity is thought to disappear after a period of time. In addition, some people may develop tolerance to Botox after repeated use and need higher doses over time. If you don't get results from Botox, you may be one of those rare people who is “immune” to it. If you're immune to Botox, Dysport may be an alternative option.

Since its formulation is different from Botox, you may respond differently. You can also try other types of neurotoxins such as Jeuveau or Xeomin. Keep in mind that all of these neurotoxins have very similar chemical structures, so there's a chance you won't see the result of the other types either. Alternatively, you can consider trying one of the many alternatives to Botox such as microneedling.

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